What is a Sump pump and the Peripheral Drainage System

Sump pump installation

Why are sump pumps installed? Sump pumps are installed in homes as part of a system that removes excess water from the foundation of the house. Sump pumps will typically be installed during the construction of a home but in some cases are installed after a house has had flooding or water penetration issues.During the […]

What should I do with my cold room?

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Cold rooms are modern cellars. They are designed to be underground and their purpose is to be cold enough to store preserves and other food.  Most of them are below a porch, therefore are technically underground spaces that are on the exterior of a home, hence they have no insulation but they have ventilation to […]

What is the black stuff on windows?

Mildew on windows

In short, the black stuff on windows is mould. Yes, mould can grow on windows. It doesn’t grow on the glass but on the dust and debris that may accumulate on the glass. The typical condensation in the winter months provides the necessary moisture for mould spores to grow on the organic material which is […]

Cleaning the Dryer Vent: Myth or Reality?

Blocked dryer vent Medium

Cleaning the dryer vent is definitely not a myth. A blocked dryer vent duct may cause the dryer not to operate properly and is a fire hazard. How does the dryer vent? All dryers are built with a built-in lint trap, but lint will escape and attach to the walls of the duct no matter […]

What is Ozone Treatment?

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Let’s start by describing what Ozone is. Ozone or O3 is an unstable molecule that, when it comes into contact with another molecule of any kind, will destroy it through the process of oxidation. Ozone treatment is the process of using Ozone to remove unwanted smells in a property or other area, such as a car. […]

Do you have to update your home’s insulation?


Here are a few questions to ask before answering that question and adding insulation. How old is my house? Are there any government grants available? Am I planning any renovations soon? What impact will this update have on my home’s efficiency and energy bills. The sole purpose of insulation in any house, especially in Canada, […]

Hiring the Best Person for the Job

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Maintenance and home projects are an ongoing necessity, and one of the most important things to consider is hiring the best person for the job. Some jobs are larger than others, so a general contractor may be the right answer. Examples of such jobs are bathroom and kitchen renovations, general renovations, structural work, etc. Electrical […]