What is Ozone Treatment?

Let’s start by describing what Ozone is. Ozone or O3 is an unstable molecule that, when it comes into contact with another molecule of any kind, will destroy it through the process of oxidation.

Ozone treatment is the process of using Ozone to remove unwanted smells in a property or other area, such as a car. Ozone treatment can be used for eliminating various smells such as:

  1. Pet odour
  2. Smoking odour
  3. Urine odour
  4. Musty smells
  5. Car smells 
  6. Aging house material smells

Pet and Pet Urine Odours

While many paints and cleaning products are marketed to remove smells, in reality, they only mask the smells, they do not remove them. This is especially important with animal urine that is embedded in building material. The common recommendation is to remove all the affected material but even then some materials cannot be removed because they are structural components.

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Mould remediation and fire and smoke restoration

The treatment can also be used effectively after mould remediation in order to eliminate any leftover smells. Mould remediation inside a home involves the removal of affected material or treatment with mould removal solutions. The musty smell may not always go away because it may have been absorbed by other material that wasn’t affected by the mould. 

Fire or smoke damage can have a huge effect on property and building materials. After repairs are done to replace the affected components, some smells may still linger. Ozone Treatment can be the answer after the restoration is completed.

How is Ozone Treatment done?

Ozone treatment requires vacant premises. There cannot be any humans, pets or even plants inside the property that is being treated for the whole duration of the treatment and 2 hours after it. Ozone is harmful to humans, pets and plants.

The equipment is installed in the area of concern and left to run at the desired time. All the doors and windows have to be closed at that time unless and the area is very small. In that case, one of the windows should be left open a bit to allow oxygen to enter the home.  If the house has a forced air heating system it has to be left on air ventilation only, therefore the cooling or heating operations have to be turned off.

Is one treatment enough?

It depends on how extensive the smell issue is. If a house has had smokers for decades and the smoke smell is embedded in the walls then more than one treatment will be needed. The same would apply to strong pet urine smells in a house.


  1. Is Ozone treatment dangerous? Ozone is harmful to humans, pets and plants. That is why a vacant property is required. It does not cause damage to building or other materials.
  2. Can I do it myself? No, you cannot. The equipment must be approved and a strict process has to be followed. 
  3. Will the house or other property never smell again? That is not something that can be guaranteed. If the same living conditions continue after the Ozone treatment, then the smells will come back.
  4. Can Ozone Treatment be done in a garage or other exterior use building?  Yes, it can, the same process will apply.